March 1-31, 2018 ~ Elk Grove, CA

The Arts Advocacy Project, Inc.

What is ARTSbeat?

ARTSbeat’s objectives are to showcase and promote
the best of Elk Grove arts and creative industries;
contribute to Elk Grove’s civic identity; and attract visitors.

In keeping with TAAP’s overall mission, ARTSbeat has set out to demonstrate Elk Grove’s arts presence and its many award-winning artists, organizations and activities. It is a grass roots, non-profit community service project.

A task force of community leaders who recognize the cultural, educational and economic benefits of the arts, have developed a calendar of events: Musical and dramatic stage performances; dance; music concerts; art shows; literary arts; arts appreciation and teaching sessions; interactive workshops and demos and more.

The artists and organizations participating in ARTSbeat view it as an important opportunity to demonstrate Elk Grove’s emerging arts community, to local and regional audiences. Nearly 50 events are already confirmed to take place on different dates and various locations throughout the month of March, 2018, in Elk Grove and vicinity.

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Upcoming Events

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ARTSbeat Task Force Members

Admin | Special Projects | Performing Arts

Admin | Special Projects | Performing Arts

Judy Tafoya

TAAP, Americans for Arts

Arts & Business

Arts & Business

Angela Perry

Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce, Old Town Elk Grove

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Bonnie Cooper

Elk Grove Fine Arts Center

Special Projects | Schools

Special Projects | Schools

Deborah George


Literary Arts | Performing Arts | Film

Literary Arts | Performing Arts | Film

Nan Mahon

Elk Grove Arts Commission, TAAP

Multicultural | Culinary Arts

Multicultural | Culinary Arts

Marie Mertz

Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Margaret Munson

Elk Grove Artists, TAAP

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